Art Reproduction

The documentation of 2D and 3D works on location, within a gallery or in the studio. Colour, texture, form and luminosity are all key and it is necessary to take a bespoke approach that considers the individual qualities of the artwork and the limitations of the space.

Digital reproductions are often the first contact with the viewer either on social media or print. Documenting an artist’s output with accuracy and consistency is an important responsibility and years of experience, combined with technical knowledge and attention to detail, ensures the best results.

I have spent many years shooting in artist’s studios, galleries and art storage spaces, and now instinctively know how to build a set and configure the polarised lighting to attain the perfect reproduction, like the artist intended colour and tone corrected and without reflections.

Most Artists and Museum Curators prefer to keep their work in their studio or gallery. Therefore I have a complete portable photographic studio that can be brought to you comprising studio flash lighting and professional Nikon D850’s (full frame, 45.7 Megapixel sensor), shooting in RAW 16-bit colour which benefits a larger dynamic range. Alternatively you can drop artwork off with me and I can photograph it in my own studio.

You will receive the reproductions in 3 formats:
TIFFs – the most stable image file, retaining it’s 16-bit colour making it the perfect format for faithful reproductions as Giclee prints etc.
High Quality Jpgs – ideal for print reproduction in a catalogue or magazine.
Small Low Quality Jpgs – sized perfectly for social media and websites.

What will it cost?

I charge by the day or part there of that it takes to photograph your artwork. I don’t charge for local mileage. As an example up to 20 large paintings would take 1 day, which is only £15 per fine quality reproduction. Up to 30 smaller paintings would take a similar time, as would 30 – 40 small ceramics.

If I’m photographing smaller quantities the price per artwork increases exponentially, up to 8 large paintings would take half a day costing £22.50 per reproduction.

To make it cheaper for you I am always happy to photograph the work of more that one artist at a time – talk to your artist friends, or colleagues you share a studio with, the greater the quantity of artwork I reproduce, the cheaper the price per item!

Recent Examples of Artists work I have reproduced