Postcard from Manteo – Opening Reception

The opening reception on Friday 6th July went really well. a crowd of 21 braved the unseasonably wet evening and stay for a good two hours each absorbing the OBX atmosphere.

There was lots of drinking of iced tea, lemonade and Norman Palmer (which is a mixture of the two and a top tip of what’s in at the moment in North Carolina where the temperature has soured to 110 degs f). There was also a spread of food likely to be consumed in Manteo; sweet potato cakes, crab dip, corn bread, muffins and pecan cookies to name just the homemade food.

Local photographer, Graham Hobbs, was one of our guests, who had come along to make a photograph for the North Devon Gazette. He stayed about an hour soaking it all in before grouping us all together at one end of the room with as much American and Manteo items as we could grab for the shot.

Later on, about 11pm, we had a Skype video call from Mayor of Manteo, Jamie Daniels. It was great to chat for half an hour with Jamie and the hand full of guest still here. Amongst the conversation was talk of Manteo’s July 4th celebrations where Jamie felt compelled to show off some of the paraphernalia worn in the parade.

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