Wren Music

I had a commision to photograph the staff at Wren Music. They asked for a gothic theme as they were working on a production that required it. The first photoshoot was at Okehampton Castle, a great gothic ruin. The sun was in more than it was out and I had to work very quickly finding the best locations, groupings, expressions etc whilst juggling with the lighting.

Paul Tucker, Wren Music

There was just an hour spent at the castle then it was into town, for another hour, to use an empty drama room of a local school for the next shoot. I had some lighting with me but the theatre spotlight in the room backed by the black velvet curtains gave the gothic look we were all after. A little light was reflected back into the shadows on the faces using a large sheet of white card. The picture compositions to me were all about marrying the musician with their chosen instrument and making something that filled a 3×4 frame in a balanced way. It was a challenge to make each portrait different from the last as there was no time to change the lighting. Again I had to work very quickly, concentrating on the key things like getting the all important eyes open and in focus.

Green Gallery re-launch and revamp

2009 brings you a totally new look website for Dave Green’s photography, . I?ve been unhappy with my current website for some time now; it had been built over many years with content added every so often. Now it is time to have a coherent look to my site with plenty of information as well as images to inspire, inform and hopefully start some thinking and debate.

This blog is like a New Years resolution that I haven?t actually made, but in essence launching a new website and a blog in the first week of January implies that I intend to keep both up-to-date through 2009 ? let?s hope so.

I’ve added the video below to this blog as I’m having difficulty placing it within Wren Music commissioned me last year as an ?arts’ worker and documenter of their junk band, Recyc, undertaking a funded project the ?River Taw, from Moor to Shore’. This work, in collaboration with musicians Nick Wyke and Becki Driscoll and the 14-16 year old band members, resulted in a video made up of stills shot at 4 frames per second, illustrating their journey through the writing, making and performing of music inspired by the River Taw and the journey of the river from it’s source to the sea.