Ghost Story

I’m not sure if anyone was paying attention, I know I wasn’t, when I posted the news about my Ghostcards exhibition at Walter Henry’s in Bideford.
Last night I eagerly showed an old friend my new work saved to my phone; enlarging the image above I realised the ghost had disappeared. I had the wrong picture on my phone? or did ghosts really disappear? I put it down to me adding the wrong file to the slideshow, but then today, looking through the pdf download which accompanies the show I had the same ghostless image! Now, to date, there have been 103 people looking online or downloading this pdf, did anyone notice? I’m sure you’re all too kind! So I had a look at my blog; the first picture – it was also ghostless here…And on the homepage of my greengallery website. Am I worrying too much?
Anyway, to make amends, here’s ‘the Rose of Torridge’ with the ghost of Rose Saltern herself in the doorway, feeding the seagulls. It’s a little bigger than the ghostless one so you’ll now be able to see her (un)clearly.
As a footnote I should say that Ghostcards will remain at Walter Henry’s until the end of October but has been relocated to the front window and the wall opposite the sales desk.